Canon Posterizer Pro software

Posterizer Pro software

Posterizer Pro software is an integrated solution for on-demand point of purchase retail signage.
It is designed for the professional print provider that wants to offer professional-looking price and promotional signage as an innovative service to the retail industry.


  • Professional-looking
  • Accurate
  • Timely
  • Cost-effective

Detailed Features

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Produce on-demand point of purchase retail signage in three easy steps

Design: define a customized template by positioning and configuring all necessary fields such as text, price, images, price formula, etc.
Data Entry: automatically populate the template to create a batch of posters, by linking to a database. Or enter product details manually, to create a poster on the fly.
Automated printing: Posterizer Pro software’s intelligent Print Manager module screens the jobs depending on pre-set criteria and send them to the appropriate printer. It also automatically determines the best nesting for optimal media usage.

Expand the possibilities with options for Posterizer Pro software

Posterizer Client software can be run at the retail customer, to streamline the data workflow between end-user and print provider.
An Automation Option helps increase productivity by automating some routine tasks and linking the system to complex databases for batch printing.

Posterizer Pro software related hardware

Use Posterizer Pro software in combination with the following printers for optimal point of purchase results:
ColorWave 600 printer
TCS300 or TCS 500
CS2224 or CS2236

Additional software to boost your productivity

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Product Specification

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