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Art on Demand

Art on Demand

The Spanish-based Business Pod Levante, S.L. has been in charge of developing a secure copyright Web-management system. With a global installed base of more than 300 systems, we are a world leader in FineArt solutions that offer a unique opportunity that allows the customer to print art legally at the highest standard of quality. Its well-known reputation, especially with independent artists, image banks and art galleries permit us to offer the Art on Demand system with thousands of images available with regular updates added to the system which offer the customer a variety of image themes to choose from.

“A la carte reproduction”
· Printing art on canvas, photographic paper, water-color paper and silk at very low cost.
· Made to measure printing, observing the proportions of the original work.
· Thousands of images and possibilities for personalized printing.
· Catalogues, samples and storage are no longer necessary
· Direct copyright payment by reproduction

To find out more about Art on Demand, click on the logo at the top of the page and visit the company website.

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