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Bay, Inc. Folding- and finishing systems with our headquarters based in Switzerland develop and produce professional solutions for Large Format Folding and Finishing. Founded 1953, Bay offers an advanced product range of Online Folders for Large Format Inkjet- and Laser-Printers in different speed ranges, Offline Folders for manual feeding and Online Stackers. Bay is co-operates with partners worldwide, Bay products are known as the most advanced available.

bayCompact Online Folder - With its unique ‘wave-paper-take-over-system’ (WTS) this web-enabled online folder works directly connected to the imagePROGRAF printers. No matter what printing speed, bayCompact folds precisely according DIN or US standards and is made for industrial and reprographic companies. The entry system is configured as Fanfolder only, the enhanced Fan-and Cross- folder can be completed with a wide range of folding styles, stacking functions, hanging strips and offline feeding.
The compact footprint is space saving but still allows excellent access to the printer for paper roll changes. Ultra quiet stepper motors make this folder perfect for office environments. An interface allows the client to control the folder from the folder driver. All specific settings can be done easily with the advanced web-based service tool.

bayCompact Offline Folder - This table-top Folder is a compact Fanfolder and made for professional colour print folding including standard or special media types. The automatic active driven feeder provides ergonomic, effective and accurate folding. As enhanced standalone system colour prints are precisely fan folded and cross folded in one single step. Paper input sizes are auto measured and folded in highest precision up to a length of 32 meters. With its stepper motor technology bayCompact Offline is the most quiet and accurate in the market. All specific settings can be done easily with the advanced web- based service tool.

bayStack online Stacker - When high volume flat stacking is requested, bayStack is the right solution. It can stack up to 500 mixed size drawings at any printing speed and matches to the full range of imagePROGRAF Printers. For those customers that print unattended overnight this is the ideal solution to stop the prints being mixed up, as stacking speed and input height are changeable, bayStack can be quickly changed to another printer and is designed to fit with future printer generations.

To find out more about Bay AG, click on the logo at the top of the page and visit the company website.

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