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Since 1983 Colortrac has been designing and manufacturing CCD and CIS large format scanners for the colour graphics and the AEC, CAD and GIS technical drawing and mapping markets.  As a leading innovator in the manufacture of award-winning, high definition wide format scanners and scanning software, its SmartLF scanners offer unrivalled price and performance benefits to demanding professional users worldwide.

The SmartLF Large Format Scanner Range
Colortrac was the first and for a long time the only large format scanner manufacturer to recognize the merits of both CCD (charge coupled device) and CIS (contact image sensor) devices. As a result, Colortrac is uniquely able to provide you with the best system for your needs and budget. Having adopted value-for-money as its core principle, Colortrac provides a wide range of highly optimized SmartLF large format scanning solutions, each with unique price and performance benefits. Its SmartLF scanners define and lead every section of the wide format scanner market.

Scan and Copy Software Solutions
All Colortrac SmartLF scanners include SmartLF All-in-One scan, copy and email (PDF) software designed for operation by non-specialist users. Simple to use while providing all the basic scan to file, scan to copy and scan-to-PDF functionality you need, SmartLF software saves your scanned documents as PDF, TIFF or JPG files individually or as a batch, and makes copies of your documents to any Windows printer.

Optional ScanWorks software uses "scan-it-once" technology to give you a huge workflow advantage. With ScanWorks, you simply scan once, and then perform image cleaning and enhancement on the scan in real time. This lets you get vital quality control and setting adjustments right in-line, first-time. The ScanWorks "scan-it-once" system makes scanning genuinely fast and productive, boosting your workflow and efficiency. In addition, ScanWorks' built-in Intelligent Adaptive Thresholding for image restoration "provides the best results" (Cadalyst, April 2007), making it a recognized market leader for easy, fast and effective image improvement.

When linked to a printer, CopySmart turns your SmartLF scanner into a fast large format black and white and/or colour copying system. CopySmart uses special internal plotter drivers and a file based TIFF driver for accurate copy size control, paper economy and minimum configuration effort. CopySmart can be ICC colour calibrated (Profiled) to any paper and ink by the customer in minutes using the supplied IT8 target and in-built calibration Wizard.

To find out more about Colortrac, click on the logo at the top of the page and visit the company website.

SmartLF Scanner Range:
SmartLF Gx+ 42 / SmartLF Gx+T 42
SmartLF SC36
SmartLF SC42
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