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S.I.C. International is a French software house developing industry standard printer drivers, founded in 1986. S.I.C. International has always been software and support partner of Canon France and since 2004 develops the UNIX and Linux printer drivers for Canon Europe Ltd. for Canon iR and CLC devices and LBP printers. Starting with 2009 S.I.C. International develops UNIX and Linux printer drivers for Canon Large Format Printer.CPrintCPrint is an industrial-level genuine Linux driver for Canon LFP devices. It is a genuine CUPS driver making use of the foomatic layer for the rasterisation phase.

CPrint comes with a core package and for each Canon LFP device a printer package. As a genuine printer driver, CPrint can be used by all standard Linux applications like OpenOffice, gimp, inkscape, evince, acroread, etc. Special provision has been made for applications with limited paper size specification to allow for maximum LFP paper sizes with optimal resolution. CPrint provides limited gamma and RGB corrections and relies on the Canon LFP built-in colour management – it does not claim to be a high level RIP.

To find out more about S.I.C. International, click on the logo at the top of the page and visit the company website.

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