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Direct Mail Solution

PrintShop Mail is a fast and efficient software tool for personalised mailings. With PrintShop Mail the static data is sent and RIPed only once with variable data then exchanged at high speed, reducing network traffic and increasing efficiency.

Diagram for PrintShop Mail
  • Quick and easy personalisation
  • Integrates with your customer database
  • Allows use of variable images
  • Each page in a multi-page document can be personalised
  • Decreased network traffic
  • Fast RIPing and printing at maximum engine speed


Solution Scenarios

Direct Mailing
To personalise advertisements and mailings, marketing departments need to be able to change the name and address on every single page. Each document has to be forwarded individually to the printer which blocks the networks bandwidth. Using the Direct Mailing Solution, this problem is overcome by sending only the variable data over the network. This not only reduces the network traffic but also speeds up the printing process.


Impact of Communication
The impact of the communication is increased since the message is personalised.
Turnaround Time
The turnaround time is second to none as the print speed and merging of variable data is performed at almost maximum speed.
Follow Up
By personalising and using Bar Codes in the return mail, organisations have a fast and easy way to control their direct mail activities.
In House Production
The Direct Mail production can now be done in-house thus avoiding the use of external agencies, and maintaining control of progress and deadlines.

Supported platforms: Macintosh, Windows 3.11, Windows 95/98, Windows NT Windows versions require Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or higher.

PrintShop Mail Brochure

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