Load Balancing and Print Re-direction Solution

Callisto is a powerful solution which gives total control of print management across networks. The resulting benefits include increased speed and productivity from your printers with potentially substantial cost savings.









  • Load balancing by copy count
  • Maximum page/copy count
  • Automatic re-direction on error
  • Manages both NT & Netware print queues

Callisto is a powerful solution which is capable of monitoring and manipulating print functions. Callisto saves you time and enables you to gain maximum efficiency from your printers.

With Callisto, a virtual print queue is created that appears to users as a single printer. A number of alternative devices can then be defined which could service the print request. If a printer goes off-line for any reason, printing is automatically re-directed to an alternative device. There are options for load balancing across printers. These include combining the power of available printers to optimise print engine speed and setting maximum job sizes for individual printers.

Solutions Scenarios 

Office Environments
Office departments typically produce documents that demand a higher specification machine just to cope with this task. With Callisto, these jobs can now be shared between printers in the same or even different departments. This means that you can now have lower volume machines that meet daily requirements and which can also be shared when increased volume is required. Callisto can be configured to allow re-routing of print jobs to another similar printer when your assigned printer is unable to print.

Corporate Print Rooms
Callisto can increase productivity by load balancing a job between printers, decreasing your print time by sharing printers. Print rooms regularly deal with print jobs that have tight deadlines, which may be delayed due to a printer requiring attention or that fail due to printing errors. Callisto can re-route jobs to another similar printer and the job can be printed on time.


  • Run Printers at Maximum Efficiency
    Large numbers of multiple copy documents can be split into a number of whole copy jobs and directed to alternative print queues. This increases the print engine speed to the sum of the utilised printers.
  • Time Saving on Print Jobs
    Print jobs will automatically re-direct from a device which is unavailable to an alternative print queue for immediate printing. Re-directing jobs ensures minimal disruptions in printing services.
  • Full Control of Low Volume Printers
    If a print request is over the pre-set maximum, the job will automatically be re-directed, ensuring low volume printers are not overwhelmed by large print jobs.
  • Full User Notification
    If a print job is re-directed, a notification is sent to the user stating that a job has been re-directed, and to which device it has been sent.
  • NT & Netware Print Queue Administration
    When viewing a print queue, all print requests to that queue are displayed. Individual print jobs can be paused, resumed, restarted or cancelled from the Document menu.


Callisto currently supports most Canon printing devices including CLC, iR and GP (not GP 160).

All printing functionalities can be accessed though PostScript and PCL drivers, including duplex and various printing options.


Server or workstation running Windows NT4 (service pack 3 or higher) or Windows 2000
Minimum 32Mb RAM (ideally 64Mb or more)
Video resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, 256 colour
TCP/IP installed
Microsoft SNMP service installed
Novell Client 32 loaded for NetWare functionality

Diagram for Callisto