FormScape provides a fully integrated solution for document creation, output and management by taking print datastream from legacy mainframes and other host computer systems before processing and distributing this information.

  • Works with business applications like SAP and Baan
  • Connects to legacy systems like IBM AS/400
  • Device independent
  • Enterprise-wide distribution and management of e-form applications
  • Easy to develop or modify company forms using FormScape Developer



Users are able to select data from different sources, choose the most appropriate delivery medium, standardise document design and manage the final output.

FormScape accepts any ASCII-based datastream from IBM, DEC and other mainframes, UNIX, AS/400, DOS and Windows systems. It can send output to any PCL printer, Windows device, or deliver direct to fax, EDI or archiving systems. 

FormScape Benefits

Cost Savings
FormScape negates the need for pre-printed stationery, by using standard paper. This makes direct savings in terms of print costs, stationery misuse and obsolescence, associated administration and warehousing. Documents are delivered to the point of need automatically reducing manual intervention and human error.
Increased Productivity
The automation of business processes like copying, faxing, filing, and distribution allows people to concentrate on core business activities and leads to increased productivity.
Relationship Marketing
By developing competitive-edge documents, traditional business forms can be turned into proactive marketing tools consolidating the customer relationship.

Example Application

Replacing pre-printed stationer
A typical bank has many different types of pre-printed stationery, such as letters, insurance offers, stock certificates etc. This means that every time one of these documents is produced, the correct stationery has to be inserted in the printer. This can be avoided by using the FormScape solution, which reformats the data so that when it is sent to the printer it is in the required layout and format. In this way all documents can be printed on standard stationery stock.


Supported server
Windows NT 3.5x or higher
Supported network protocols
TCP/IP (preferred), IPX/SPX, NetBEUI/NetBIOS
IBM or ICL mainframes, AS/400 or RS/6000 midrange systems
UNIX, DEC and others
Novell, Banyan, UNIX and OS/2

Diagram for FormScape