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Print Management Solution

Version 2.0 professional software introduces a number of advanced workflow-related features to help you improve the way you work, namely EFI's Command WorkStation™ software. This solution enables complete job management and control for up to five high end Canon digital devices all from one centralised location.

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  • Fiery DocBuilder"
  • Job Archiving
  • Fiery FreeForm" - Variable Data Printing Solution
  • Job Log
  • Load Balancing

The intuitive graphics user interface allows you to preview, merge and edit entire documents, add or delete specific pages, change finishing options and archive jobs.
The benefits of complete job control and device management

Fiery DocBuilder" provides the user with the ability to preview, edit and merge documents in order to save time and reduce materials waste.

Job Archiving enables the management and control of printed documents for easy storage and retrieval.

Fiery Freeform" provides an affordable and practical variable data printing solution by merging permanent master data with an unlimited number of variable graphic and text elements. It RIPs master data only once and therefore reduces network traffic and overall RIPping time.

Load Balancing enables the operator to manually re-route jobs from busy or inaccessible devices to an available device on the network.


Hardware Requirements:
To run the Command WorkStation application, you need:
X6e fiery controller, with at least 64MB of RAM.

High Spec PC:

  • Windows-based computer with a 200 MHz Pentium processor
  • Windows NT 4.0 with NT Service Pack 5 or later
  • IPX/SPX or TCP/IP networking protocol installed
  • PCI VGA interface card
  • At least 32MB of RAM
  • At least 2MB of Video RAM
  • At least 850MB IDE or SCSI hard disk drive
  • At least 2x CD-ROM drive
  • A 17" Monitor that supports 16-bit colour at a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768

The Adobe PostScript printer drivers are capable of providing access to all PS Board features and all support PostScript 3.
Software Specifications:

Command workstation"

  • thumbnail and full screen preview
  • job merging and editing
  • job archiving
  • Load balancing

Fiery FreeForm" for variable data printing.


Command Workstation Brochure

Brochure Download [PDF, 87 KB]
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