Printer Accounting Server has been developed to provide system administrators with a tool to manage printing costs within their organisations. It enables you to maintain control over printing costs and to obtain information concerning the printer users. This solution is ideal for situations where customers or users need to be charged individually for their prints. In this way, costs for printing services can be reduced and accurate charges billed to the users.

  • Implements printer usage management on a network
  • Allows possibility of inserting printing quotas
  • Print monitor integrates seamlessly into Windows NT
  • High degree of security
  • Flexibility in user management
  • Server Based software
  • Low resource requirements

Solution scenarios

These examples illustrate the use of the three Printer Accounting control methods. 

Project Management Companies using the Charge-Back method
When a company carries out a project for a customer all printing costs associated with that project can be charged back to the customer. The server provides usage summaries and detailed reports based on user identification, departments, project codes or client numbers. Reports can be printed out on monthly basis based on all printer activity within that period.
Government Institutions using the Time Quota method
Government Institution employees often have to work to fixed budgets, so reducing costs or keeping them as low as possible is an important issue. Using a time quota model costs can be controlled on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. This solution significantly reduces the administrative load.
Universities using the Declining balance method
With an ever changing population, cost control of shared facilities on an individual basis is vital. In this case, the declining balance system is most applicable, where students would be able to pre-pay for prints and then exchange their credit when necessary.

Printer Accounting Server benefits

  • Control of costs and resources
    You control all the print traffic over the network with instant information access for queries and charging
  • Choice of cost tracking options
    Track by pre-payment, assign by code, or limit by time, whichever suits your environment
  • Scalable system to protect investment
    The modular based architecture allows you to add to your network management system as and when you need to. The Enterprise Edition functions with acentrally located server and individual network segments
  • Supports wide range of printing devices
    In addition to Canon printers, Printer Accounting Server supports all Windows NT compatible connections

Printer profiles

The administrator is able to set a printer profile to illustrate the cost of printing to a specific type of printer. These profiles can include costs for different paper sizes, duplexing and finishing options such as stapling.

Windows NT® 3.51 or 4.0 (Intel® or DEC® Alpha)
Windows NT, Windows 3.x®, or a web browser
Any Windows compatible
Available language version

Diagram for Printer Accounting Server