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MEAP Global Strategy

MEAP is set to turn the way multifunctional devices have been used previously in business on its head. Due to the openness of the JAVA programming platform, the number of customisable applications is almost limitless. This opens the door of opportunity for many independent software vendors and developers, to start to develop key applications that provide some unbelievable benefits to business in respect to their document management and distribution solutions.

These developments in technology are shared globally across Europe, USA and Oceania-Pacific regions, as well as the Japanese domestic market developing MEAP applications that will enhance further the attributes of MEAP and its business opportunities.

Canon Inc. in Tokyo, will play a vital role in the support and development of the MEAP architecture, and it is this global approach which will ensure a structured development offering worldwide solutions for MFP's. All developed applications will be looked at from a global perspective to ensure compatibility across products as well as providing the most valuable solutions for our customers.

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