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What Is MEAP?

By converging IT and office automation expertise, Canon is set to transform the way you work. For the first time ever, your business needs come before anything else. Through consultation, personalised applications can be developed to fulfil each and all of your precise business requirements. Providing unparalleled business and workflow benefits that are both affordable and highly effective.

Technology/Platform Overview

MEAP is a new Canon developed JAVA based application software platform embedded in all Canon's networked iR devices. MEAP provides the iR device with extensive capabilities to add or remove additional application functionality, either at point of device purchase or at a later stage, making all MEAP enabled products future proofed in terms of application development. It also provides opportunities to develop customised software applications for bespoke customer requirements.

Why Work With Canon?

For many years Canon digital equipment has been at the heart of day-to-day office activity in thousands of companies worldwide. Now Canon has built upon these unique relationships and extended the support we offer our customers. Canon's experience and heritage in the provision of document management solutions has ensured that with Canon you are always working with professionals who really understand your business needs.

What Can MEAP Do For Me?

How will MEAP fit into your company strategy and which areas of your business stand to profit the most? Through Canon's consultancy led services, organisations can now benefit from expertise in hardware, software and service integration, ensuring that all end user needs are fully met.

MEAP Global Strategy

MEAP is set to turn the way multifunctional devices have been used previously in business on its head. Due to the openness of the JAVA programming platform, the number of customisable applications is almost limitless. This opens the door of opportunity for many independent software vendors and developers, to start to develop key applications that provide some unbelievable benefits to business in respect to their document management and distribution solutions.

MEAP - Setting The Standards

MEAP has opened the door to exciting new possibilities for the customisation of multifunctional devices way beyond what has been possible to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to know more about MEAP technology or how MEAP can benefit your organisation, this section gives some answers to some of the most common questions.

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