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What Is MEAP?

By converging IT and office automation expertise, Canon is set to transform the way you work. For the first time ever, your business needs come before anything else. Through consultation, personalised applications can be developed to fulfil each and all of your precise business requirements. Providing unparalleled business and workflow benefits that are both affordable and highly effective.

MEAP (multi-functional embedded application platform) is a unique platform putting customisation and control at the heart of its development. Your business requirements are unique, and all hardware and software platforms are more or less similar. Now Canon challenges the conventional business wisdom with a unique concept that creates true customisation - solely for your specific business requirements.

The digital convergence in the Copier market has been underway for a number of years, with the power of the digital multifunctional increasing across the range of manufacturers. Although the power and functionality has been increasing, the devices have been limited to the functions that are designed and built in at the factory - typically copying, printing, scanning and faxing with associated ancillary features such as finishing.

MEAP is based on familiar Java standards that are ideal for developing complete custom applications or small interactive applets quickly and effectively. MEAP enables absolute synergy between a device and its applications - delivering cohesive, scalable performance as well as simplified operation. It eliminates the need for costly external hardware, and because it provides solutions that meet your precise needs - with the ability to adapt readily as required - it offers unequalled investment value.

Canon are continuously developing MEAP embedded applications that run directly on our new generation of iRi printer/copier systems. We aim to offer an extensive range of applications not only through Canon expertise but also through our partnerships with leading software companies and developers. This will ultimately lead to true and total integration of your business needs, letting you work the way you want, with profitable results.

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