Canon PS-NX3000


Offer new and enhanced colour printing services to your customers with the ColorPASS Z3000 - which delivers highly advanced colour printing with maximum control, performance and quality.


  • consistency, complete colour accuracy and quality printing performance
  • increased processing speeds
  • supports capabilities such as variable data printing, workflow management
  • and document imposition
  • includes many features from Graphic Arts package

Detailed Features

Take a more detailed look into the Canon PS-NX3000

Powerful management

Fiery 5.5 software offers you effective workflow enhancement and management
tools such as full document imposition capability, variable data printing and
document editing and assembly. Now you can scan, proof, print and manage your
print jobs with ease. Command WorkStation 4 for PC or Mac makes hectic
workflows easy by centralizing print job management.

Stunning colour quality

Achieve the highest quality colour possible on output devices - and accurately
simulate the output of other colour devices - with ColorWise colour management
software. You can also re-print previously RIPped jobs instantly with Post-RIP
Calibration. The device includes a comprehensive set of Fiery Graphic Arts Package
tools and integrates with ColorWise.

Outstanding performance with enhanced features

Edit and assemble entire documents before RIPping the files, eliminating the need
for third party software, through Fiery DocBuilder Pro. This server-based imposition
application includes enhanced professional features such as mixed page support;
pre-production error checking; customisable trim/fold marks; negative gutter sizes,
and enhanced templates.

High performance variable data printing

Choose any authoring tool and create static and variable elements with Freeform
Technology – the industry-leading platform for fast variable data printing. This
flexible and open end-to-end variable data solution delivers enhanced integrated
workflow and is compatible with popular VDP software applications. Manage global
objects stored on Fiery servers with VDP Resource Manager, incorporate multiple
images while maintaining maximum productivity with Fast Merge, and have the
freedom to use favourite applications and platforms when creating VDP masters
through applications such as PrintShop Mail.

Complete control

Connect seamlessly on all popular network environments with Fiery Netwise, which
adds Web connectivity to the standard Ethernet connection for printing via the
Internet. You can initiate and distribute scans using Fiery Scan, and administer the
Fiery server and print jobs through any Java-enabled browser.

Product specification

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