Canon PS-NX800


The high-performance ColorPASS Z800 is an essential tool for graphic arts professional, offering users both speed and versatility whilst at the same time producing outstanding colour output for colour-critical environments.


  • Fiery System 5.5 software
  • Fiery Scan, Fiery WebTools, Fiery Netwise
  • Fiery Graphic Arts Package
  • Command WorkStation 4 (4 LE for Mac OS)
  • ColorWise colour management software
  • Variable data printing support
  • Optional Fiery DocBuilder Pro

Detailed Features

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Powerful, Networked Colour Managment

The ColorPASS Z800 offers powerful, networked colour-management, cutting prepress time dramatically. Colour critical environments such as design agencies, prepress production , copy shops and Corporate Reproduction Departments can submit jobs, monitor progress, accurately proof digital documents, make revisions and issue approvals all from their PC or Macintosh workstations. For dependable performance and accurate colour, the Z800 is an essential tool for Graphic Arts professionals.

Fiery System 5.5 Software

Fiery System 5.5 Software is suitable for a variety of on-demand printing environments. It gives mid-range print enviornments the flexibility to expand by including variable data printing capabilities. Intensive production print environments require software in which they operate - Fiery System 5.5 meets their requirements with workflow enhancement and managment tools, such as full imposition capability, document editing and assembly. It includes powerful applications for colour managment, networking, scanning and remote job management of your print jobs.

Extensive System Utilities

Fiery Scan incorporates the Fiery controller as a key element of network and distribution scanning. Scans can be initiated remotely or at the Fiery and stored on a local hard drive for easy and extensive distribution. Fiery WebTools administer the Fiery server and print jobs conveniently, through any Java-enabled browser. Fiery NetWise accelerates setup and enables seamless connection on all popular network environments. Plus the Fiery Graphic Arts Package (standard on the ColorPASS Z800) has been developed to address the specific standard requirements of graphic arts professionals, with a comprehensive set of tools to achieve consistently accurate colour and print quality.

Productive System Features

For expert level print workflow control EFI offers Command WorkStation 4 (or 4 LE for Macintosh OS). Designed to centralise print job management, it makes managing the most hectic workflows easy. ColorWise colour management software adds flexibility and features to help achieve the highest quality colour possible on output devices and accurately simulate the output of other colour devices. The Canon ColorPASS Z800 provides the industry leading platform for fast variable data printing. And an optional Fiery DocBuilder Pro is the industry's first server-based imposition application based on Adobe System's Portable Document Format (PDF).

Product specification

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