Cost Control & Analysis

Every successful business is prudent when it comes to managing operational costs. But some costs are a lot easier to analyse than others. Now, thanks to Canon's NetSpot Accountant solution, your office output usage and associated costs are readily accessible, giving you the power to make cost saving decisions in your business.

With Canon's NetSpot Accountant solution, you can really get to grips with your document output costs. Detailed analysis of your printing, copying, faxing and scanning activities is achievable with an easy-to-use software solution that sits on your desktop.

Whenever a print job, copy, fax or scan is carried out on any of your Canon devices, NetSpot Accountant will record the activity so you can assess the number of pages produced and the associated costs by department, user or device. Armed with the detailed management reports the software provides, you can decide the most appropriate use of your output resources and make efficiency savings too.