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uniFLOW’s Advanced Scanning allows users to scan and compress documents from Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs), directly to email or to document repositories like Microsoft SharePoint or Canon’s Therefore™. Scan workflows can be personalised so that the “scanning experience” is both intuitive and consistent throughout your organisation.

  • The way to scan documents can be different from one device to another
  • Users can spend too much time entering information at the MFD
  • Documents may need to be manually uploaded into Microsoft SharePoint
  • Documents may need to be scanned and processed one at a time
  • Your internal data needs to be accurate and easy to find at a later date

  • Leverage your existing investment in Canon MFDs
  • Reduce the time users spend inputting data at the MFD
  • Reduce the time users spend manually dividing documents
  • Provide users with an integrated route into Microsoft SharePoint
  • Reduce the risk of inaccurate information and documents that are difficult to find

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