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uniFLOW enables customers to increase security measures for MFD activity across their organisation. Jobs can be held at the uniFLOW server until a user provides identification at the MFD, preventing unauthorized individuals from retrieving a confidential document. Information leakage in any organisation is a very serious threat. uniFLOW provides both document content monitoring and prevention of unauthorised disclosure of confidential information.

  • Internal Data Loss Prevention (DLP) initiatives do not cover the MFD
  • No visibility of what documents are printed or copied and where they finally end up
  • Users are not aware of the possible threats of mishandling information
  • No way of knowing when any confidential information leaves the organisation unauthorised

  • Deter unauthorised duplication of hardcopy or digital information
  • Receive alerts as soon as information leaks happen
  • Complete content audit trail
  • Audit information and copy of documents can be sent to an archive system for later review

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