By automating many of the time consuming tasks needed to administer your Canon network devices, eMaintenance leaves you free to focus on more pressing activities.

  • Cut administration with automated meter readings

  • Save time with remote diagnostics

  • Automate consumables ordering to maximise device uptime

  • Use device usage profiles to influence deployment

  • Designed for Canon multifunctional devices

Now there’s a far more effective way to look after your Canon devices. eMaintenance automates many of the time-consuming tasks needed to administer network devices. Leaving you free to focus on other more pressing activities.

Reduce administration with no effort

Instead of recording meter readings every month, or using estimates that must be reconciled further down the line, eMaintenance automates the entire process for you. Adhering to the strictest security protocols, eMaintenance passes the relevant information directly to your service provider across the internet, with no administrative involvement whatsoever.

Achieve optimum uptime from your devices 

eMaintenance uses Canon’s Remote Diagnostics to keep a close watch over all your networked Canon devices. If a fault occurs, or a device is not performing to pre-determined standards, your service provider is instantly and automatically informed by email. This ensures a fast response - either a call from a product expert or a visit from a technician - and maximises device uptime.  

Improve toner management 

eMaintenance automatically assesses when toner levels are running low and places a re-order request directly with the relevant service centre. This means no more frustrations caused by lack of toner, and no more stockpiling.

Build device usage profiles 

eMaintenance helps review the status, workload and usage patterns of each device remotely. A useful input when deciding where and how to deploy devices within a large organisation.  

The eMaintenance software is designed for Canon multifunctional products but also works with selected non-Canon devices.  For more information contact your service provider.