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uniFLOW - Intelligent Routing

Many users print directly to their desktop printers out of convenience. This becomes a problem when printing in large quantities. With uniFLOW Intelligent Routing, the administrator can define how documents are printed when certain rules are matched. Rules can include the number of colour pages printed, the number of pages in the document or its total cost.

Key Business Challenges:

  • Users print everything directly to the nearest desktop printers
  • Allowing colour printing without any form of control can become a major overhead
  • Users are not aware of the costs associated with printing

The Canon Solution

Your Benefits:

  • Optimise cost savings by enforcing printing rules
  • Users can see cost of their print jobs and potential savings
  • Significantly reduce the impact on the environment

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Useful Downloads
uniFLOW Brochure [PDF, 3.7 MB]
Mobile Cloud Flyer [PDF, 2.7 MB]
Universal driver white paper [PDF, 1.2 MB]
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