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iW Document Manager

With Canon iW Document Manager (iWDM), you can transfer your documents into digital filing cabinets, ready for everyone to use, revitalising your working environment, boosting productivity and saving space - a far more cost-effective solution than traditional methods of managing and distributing documents.

The filing cabinet for the 21st century

iWDM allows you to use your Canon multifunctional device to create and share an electronic filing cabinet of any relevant information. Thanks to the simplicity of its drag and drop functionality, iWDM's as easy to use as your word processor.

Store it and find it
If it can be scanned, iWDM can store it; powerful text search tools make it easy for you to retrieve your document with just a few clicks of a mouse, ready for you to fax, email or print simply by dragging it to the appropriate icon.

Totally flexible
It's easy to generate reports comprising numerous separate types of document. Just create an e-binder for them all. Then you can manipulate, move, rotate, add headers and, finally share them – or even convert them to PDF format.

Collaborate more effectively
iWDM makes sharing information immediate and intuitive; it's the ideal way to work with instant, up-to-date information yourself, or create a more effective environment for collaboration.

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