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Therefore™ has been specifically developed to offer maximum versatility. As a totally scalable solution, input devices such as Canon scanners and MFPs can be added as necessary. All that changes is the license used to enable the feature.

Therefore™ is available in three versions: Personal Edition, Workgroup Edition and Business Edition. Each of these versions uses the same scalable software kernel and there is a clear upgrade path for customers to move from a Personal or Workgroup system to a Business Edition system. With Therefore™, entry-level systems and enterprise wide deployments work with the same software for maximum scalability. 


Personal Edition


This is a single user, stand alone archive solution. It allows scanning of paper documents and importing of Microsoft® Office and desktop files. Typical users could include the Military or Police, who need to scan sensitive documents on stand alone systems away from the network.


Workgroup Edition


Therefore™ Workgroup Edition comes in either 5 or 10 user versions, with web access and a license to connect to one scanner (others can be added as required). It works especially well in particular departments within a larger organisation. It allows scanning of paper documents and importing of all Microsoft® Office and desktop files. Documents can be archived to all common forms of electronic storage media.

Any business that needs to capture, store and retrieve information quickly and securely or make paper documents instantly available ‘at the desktop’ can use Therefore™ Workgroup Edition. 


Business Edition


This version is designed for small, medium or large organisations that need to make paper documents available ‘at the desktop’ to their staff, and also improve process efficiency by creating flexible information workflows to guide documents through their business. It offers unlimited server support for a true, decentralised system. This edition allows the use of all RAID and NAS media types, barcode recognition and capturing, workflow integration, COLD spool file processing, and Web access.

Supporting many different database servers, Therefore™ Business Edition can also ‘share’ data from many 3rd party packages. A typical integration option would be to use Therefore™ to store scanned images of documents that “link” to financial transaction data, controlled by some 3rd party sales or invoicing package. 


Therefore™ Business Edition allows unlimited additional servers to be added, providing a secure decentralised network and database structure.

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