With the all-in-one PRISMAprepare software, print professionals can prepare perfect documents more productively and profitably.


  • End-to-end document preparation
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Compatible with any cutsheet printer
  • Open interface maximises flexibility
  • Productivity-boosting features
  • Designed to maximise profitability

Detailed Features

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The all-in-one, make-ready solution

PRISMAprepare meets printers’ prepress needs in one solution with a user-friendly display. From cleaning up pages and enhancing documents to checking and correcting colours, as well as preparing documents to accommodate staples, fold lines or punch holes – this all-in-one solution even enables the operator to prepare documents for booklet-making or perfect binding. By meeting all of these needs, the software solution makes it easy to automate all repetitive jobs from document preparation through to production, freeing up operator time for other work.

Exceptional ease of use

The award-winning ‘Ocean Style’ user interface makes it easy to consistently prepare impressive documents. The intuitive ‘What You See is What You Get’ (WYSIWYG) job preview screen keeps you in control of the most complex assignments, virtually eliminating the need for multiple proofs and reducing the risk of errors.

Flexible open standards

PRISMAprepare uses the open PDF standard. So you can simplify workflows while maintaining an open systems architecture. PRISMAprepare is based on Adobe PDF Library, making it significantly quicker to install and enabling you to take on bigger, more complex tasks.

Convenient open interface

PRISMAprepare can interface with up to 10 standalone PDF-enabled Windows-based programmes. Popular applications like Adobe Photoshop® connect seamlessly, enabling you to perform advanced edits and make-ready tasks in other applications, then import your updated documents back into PRISMAprepare and continue where you left off.

Boost productivity

PRISMAprepare helps to optimise productivity by enhancing automation, imposing, trim mark addition and offering direct printing of programmed documents. The pre-recorded templates, let operators drag and drop content into a ‘hot folder’ to create a print-ready document. New functionality including advanced spine creation and easy document cover creation and improved VDP functionality for print personalisation all enhance the versatility and productivity of this software, which now also offers optional integration of near line and offline finishing (from Ultimate Bindery) into the workflow.

Maximise ROI

PRISMAprepare improves your profit margin by helping you complete jobs faster. Virtually eliminating hard copy proofing can save valuable time compared to many existing workflow solutions – so you can schedule in more jobs and improve your bottom line. Automated flexible colour detection enables the most productive split and merge of colour and B&W pages – delivering high-quality results at a lower cost.

Product Specification

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