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Helix Production Workflow enables print providers to offer a flexible and powerful Print Management & Workflow Solution, adding value whilst saving time and reducing costs at every stage of production.

Key advantages

· Flexible and easy to use
· Simple and quick ordering
· WYSIWYG document layout tools
· Flexible pricing modules
· Real-time job tracking
· Accurate reporting and billing
· Effective cost controls
· Optional integration with Fusion Pro VDP software
· Online variable data templates
· Data connector for linking to 3rd party data conversion software
· Secure payment

Helix Production Workflow is designed so that consumers and print providers can quickly realise many benefits.

Benefits for Print Consumers

Fast & simple - Print jobs can be sent quickly and easily over an internet or network connection, either via simple file upload and job ticket completion, or selection of a document from an on-line library.

Simple user interface - Flexible configuration options make usage easy. Users can specify languages, deliver options and upload personal data.

Instant tracking and job status updates - Customers can view jobs submitted and their status and, if the feature is enabled, cancel specific orders. A full order history is also provided.

Benefits for Print Providers

Complete visibility - Powerful management tool which has a highly configurable workflow and user interface to give complete visibility and total control over all customer jobs.

Better Print Room Management - Status and availability of every device can be viewed and co-coordinated centrally, maximising productivity and utilisation of all resources. This includes support for load balancing and colour split across devices.

Improve customer service – Customers can send their large print jobs to you with just a few mouse clicks, saving time and money. Digital job ticketing reduces the amount of customer call-backs needed, in addition  cutting errors and costly re-prints.

Easy document preparation and processing - Offers the ability to perform late stage editing of documents. Content, paper selection and layout of the document can quickly be modified with WYSIWYG document composition tools. Standard processes and workflows can be automated using user definable hot folders to reduce manual operations and risk of errors.

Output to single or multiple print devices – The optimum printer or combination of output devices can be selected manually or automatically based on pre-defined rules.

Accurate reporting and billing - Powerful and flexible customer reports, cost allocation and recovery can all be configured, to suit the needs of your business.

Integration – Helix Production Workflow can link to many CRM, ERP and MIS applications. Optional features and additional shop fronts can be added as required.

Secure on-line payment   - Instant on-screen pricing combined with options to pay by credit card, debit card or on account enables quick and efficient payment.

Useful Information
Helix Production Workflow datasheet [PDF, 308 KB]
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