Document and Hardware Security

It's all too simple to send a document to print, get distracted and end up forgetting about it. By the time you get round to picking up the document, someone else could have taken it, read its contents or even made a copy.

It’s also easy to forget that modern multifunctional devices are more than simple printers and copiers. They're also scanners and sophisticated communication hubs, giving unauthorised users the opportunity to scan confidential documents and email them off to someone else.

Canon offers a range of security solutions to keep your documents and hardware safe:

Secure Watermark*
Prints an invisible watermark on documents so that, when copied, the word “confidential” appears across the document.

Confidential Watermark
Manually selected by users to print a visible watermark on print and copy output.

Electronic Signature (PDF)
User Signature: Identifies the author who sent a document.

Device Signature: Identifies which device a document was sent from.

Secure Document Release
Holds confidential documents at the print server for personal retrieval at the device. Documents can be released using various identification methods such as password, PIN, magnetic card, contact-less card and even fingerprints.

Secure Mailboxes
Lets employees save documents in a password-protected mailbox, then access the mailbox at the printer to select and print the documents they want.

Secure Printing
Allows staff to choose a password at their PC and use it at a device to print documents.

Department ID Codes
Lets administrators or security managers allocate each department its own code, so that only authorised users can access the MFP.

Single Sign-On
Ensures that only those users who can log on to the network can access the printer(s).

Job Log Conceal
Hides the details of recent print jobs so people can't 'pick the brains' of the device.

Simple Device Log in
Ensures that users log in and have their details matched against authorised user lists before using a device.

Cassette Locks
Enables only authorised persons to change media. Useful if only specific media is to be used through a particular device for designated jobs.

*Must be set up at device and is a default printer setting that applies the watermark to all