Simple, secure printing solutions for your business

These days, most businesses protect their technology by investing in a robust firewall, up-to-date anti-virus protection, software updates and more. However, they fail to extend that protection to their multifunctional printers (MFPs).

But just like a PC or server, MFPs operate across a network, can connect with the Internet, and keep data stored on hard drives. So what are the risks? It could be someone unauthorised trying to view the information stored within your MFP hard drive, or a hacker gaining access via the network. Or, it might be as simple as leaving confidential documents uncollected, for all to see.

Canon has created security solutions to protect your printing environment in two areas:

  • Document and Hardware Security Solutions protect your hard-copy documents, as well as the printers that produce them.
  • Network and Data Security Solutions protect your data while it is stored, and as it travels between the various devices on your network.

Internationally Recognised Standards
Canon can offer a range of products that have been evaluated against the Common Criteria Program, the recognised global standard for IT security set by international security agencies.

So you can rest assured Canon’s security solutions will keep your information safe and secure.