You might imagine that deer are shy or elusive. But not these deer.

On many nights throughout the year, residents of local housing estates are treated to wonderful, sodium-lit wildlife shows that rival anything you’ll see on the TV.

These are fallow deer from the woods of nearby Epping in Essex, UK. As grazing animals, they have discovered over the last few years that the lush green grass on street verges – and even the occasional lawn – makes for a rather more delicious pre-bed snack than plain old twigs and leaves.

Though they look camera-friendly, even brazen, they are timid creatures. Luckily for photographers, they often pause stock-still to listen and look for danger.

The biggest males can weigh up to 150kg. The females, the does, weigh roughly half that. They live from twelve to sixteen years.

Following a series of mild winters (and their lack of natural predators), the numbers of all six species of deer in the UK are rising and their population – as we can see – becoming more widespread.

These urban deer are just one of the jaw dropping, touching, magical opportunities that the world offers you if you are willing to explore a little further, go round a different corner, go left when you usually go right. Canon invite you to discover and capture them with still or moving images. Come and see.


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