low light

How to take low light winter photos

Canon Ambassador, Richard Walch, describes how to capture the magic of winter landscapes or hazy twilights as the sun goes down. Learn how to get stunning, dramatic results in low or fading light by using a wider aperture and higher ISO settings.

As our video demonstrates, winter’s short, dark days needn’t be a hindrance to capturing beautiful images. A stark countryside scene at twilight or the magic glow of a winter dawn over a city can make a dramatic and evocative photo. But shooting in low light requires a willingness to experiment with your camera.

Need inspiration? Why not step outdoors on a winter’s evening, where street lamps pick out people in the fading light as they journey home from work. Or visit places where you can make the most of the limited light like choirs by candlelight, or fireworks that bring blazing colours to the night sky.

Try to capture the city’s winter lights. Or take a nighttime walk in the countryside and see how a full moon illuminates frosty trees or ice over a beautiful lake.

Once you’ve captured your own low light winter photos, share them on our Gallery.