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How to shoot with a shallow depth of field

Winter is full of spectacular details ready to be discovered. Watch Canon Ambassador, Richard Walch, explain how to create shots using a shallow depth of field to help make your subject really stand out.

As Richard Walch explains in our video, winter brings the chance to capture evocative details and experiment with depth of field in your photos. Here are some more ideas to try.

By adjusting the aperture setting on your camera, you can control the depth of field, allowing you to capture all the detail - frozen berries with a blurry background of icy trees, the steam of a friend’s breath in the cold or icy patterns on windows. These are great ways to tell stories of a winter moment.

Or if you’re away from the city, turn your attention to nature. Hunt for small signs of life in the harsh outdoors – like frosty spider webs, hanging icicles or freshly made tracks in fallen snow.

By experimenting with depth of field you can create more striking photos. We’d love to see the results. Capture and share your close ups of winter details or use a large depth of field for stunning winter land or cityscapes. Then share your image on our for others to enjoy.