Five inspirational ideas for your photography in 2016

A new year offers exciting opportunities to get the most out of your camera by taking photos of moments you have never thought of capturing before. Be inspired by your family and friends, by new (or old) places you visit and new experiences you take on. Here are five inspirational ideas to stimulate your creativity and tips to help you capture those magical moments.

1. The great outdoors

Getting outside will give you plenty of opportunity to discover those magical moments. Head out and use the natural light to photograph your loved ones in beautiful locations. Take a day trip to the beach or spend a few hours rambling in the woods. Head for the hills or just go to your nearest local park. You will find the fresh air and natural surroundings will help bring out the best in your photography skills.

Mój cały świat, Izabela Łabędzka

To keep yourself motivated throughout the year, why not pick a location that is special to you and your family and put a date in the diary to revisit it once a season? Pack a picnic basket in summer or take along hot chocolate in the winter, but always remember your camera and capture how your backdrop and family changes over the year.

2. All the sporting action

At this time of year, lots of people are keen to get fitter and healthier. Concentrate on bringing out the feeling of energy in your shots – the more blood, sweat and tears the better! Whether it is your nephew’s rugby match, a local football game or ice-skating with the kids, sporty occasions are always full of exciting moments that will give your images liveliness and intensity.

Mountainbiker i regn, Gorm J Siiger

Also, why not use photography to log your journey to a healthier you? Perhaps you’ve run a little further, discovered a new cycling route, or finally bent yourself into that upside down yoga pose. Whatever you accomplish, capture the moment so you can look back on it next year and set yourself a new goal.

3. The buzz of a crowd

Events packed with people can be a rich backdrop for your photography. Encapsulating the excitement of a crowd in just one shot can be challenging so why not play with the focus to capture individuals and make them stand out. Head to the big festivals or search out smaller, local ones for that quirky vibe.

Zombiewalk Düsseldorf, Daniel Mundstock

Mimo, Juan Carlos Arizmendi Garillete

If improving your photography and travelling more are high up on your list of resolutions for the new year, why not pick five festivals across your country (or even abroad) to visit. Compare the culture, crowd and colours and capture your experiences with your camera.

4. Street sights

Your city – or a new one – is teeming with interesting things to photograph that will really evoke the spirit of the place. Go for a meander with your camera and see what you can spot. Look out for interesting architecture, both old and new. Head for local markets to shoot the vibrant colours and sights. Street artists and buskers always enthral a crowd and provide great moments to photograph.

Snooping in Split, James Wilkinson

To keep yourself inspired throughout the year, why not check out the monthly challenges on our gallery and use the themes to frame how or what you photograph in your city? Picking a theme will help you focus on an area that perhaps needs more improvement, such as working with your shutter speed or shooting in black and white.

5. A new way to look at the world

Your year will be full of inspirational moments so make sure you’re ready to capture them. Think about doing things differently too in 2016. You could change your perspective and suddenly your world will be full of interesting, new angles. Or shoot at different times of the day to capture how the light changes. Challenging yourself in this way will help you to continue to build your repertoire as a photographer and help you get the best out of your photos in 2016.

Winterswijk bij de tijd, Bertie Willemsen

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As the year rolls on, keep your photography goals in mind. The more you shoot, the more you will learn and don’t forget to check out our Gallery too where you can share, view and like images along with other Canon fans.

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