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From colourful Cuba, to vivid India, this month you’ve sent us images from your journeys around the globe, sharing your unique perspectives on fascinating places. Here’s our pick from the images you’ve shared to our Gallery.

Colors of India by Margarita Trull Bosch

“This was taken at the Amber Fort, near Jaipur, in Rajasthan, one of India’s most colourful states.

Made from red sandstone and marble, the fort is a four-storey palace on a very steep hill. To get to the top, you can take an elephant ride to spare your legs the hard work.

The fort has many beautiful spaces and large patios. In one of them, this friendly group of women stood together, all wearing colorful striking saris. I really liked the juxtaposition of the women with the elephants and the pale colour of the stone floor. Even amongst all the vivid colours of Rajasthan, the saris, elephants and beautiful expressions, all stood out.”

Cuba by Melina Surrano

“I took this photo in Cuba, the first stop on a cruise. The buildings were a remarkable mix of old and new. I loved the sunlight and wanted to capture a scene which also showed the beautiful colours of the retro cars which people still drive in Cuba.

I spent a little time searching the streets for the right combination of old and new. What surprised me is that the old part of town was still inhabited as it is completely run down, with many crumbling buildings.

I travel a lot and will try anything to get a beautiful shot. It’s good to look at scenes at different times of day and consider the light. I make sure I have my camera with me for spontaneous moments.

Cuba pleasantly surprised me. I’d jump at the chance to go back again though I know that it’s about to embark on a new chapter in history, and likely to rebuild many of its cities. I just hope it doesn’t lose its charm. That really would be a pity.”

Paris mon Amour by Lars Suechting

“I took this photo in Paris. I was on vacation with my wife and we wanted to see another side of the city away from the usual sights. Ever since I got my first Canon camera, aged five, I've enjoyed shooting interesting things from new angles.

We walked a long way through the streets and saw many wonderful houses and parks and met many helpful, friendly people. We ended up in front of this town hall. There were a lot of people and kids making a lot of soap bubbles. Everybody was happy and laughing and in motion. At the side of the place there was this old carousel in front of beautiful houses, and I saw this shot which was like the Paris I’d always imagined - beautiful, old, playful, colourful, magic and always in motion.

Traveling is really important for the development of my photography. I always try new things to capture what constitutes the country I'm in. This could be special people, the weather, landscapes, architecture, flowers or other details. Through photography I learn more about a country, its people and the life they live.”

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