Backing up your precious memories

Your photos and movies are invaluable. They’re memories of unique moments that you can never recreate - so it’s essential to back them up regularly. However, finding the time to choose and save the best ones isn’t always easy. And the longer they stay on a memory card or your smartphone, the more likely they are to be lost or forgotten.

That’s why online storage options offer great peace of mind. Uploading to a cloud storage service or your favourite social network means your memories won’t easily be lost. Our latest cameras with Image Sync now check for new images and upload them to your preferred cloud service or social media like Flickr, Google Drive or irista from Canon. You can also choose to automatically save images to your computer, smartphone or tablet.

If you’re interested in backing up your photos online, take a look at irista. It’s a cloud-based platform that allows you to back up and enjoy your photo libraries like never before.

Back up your photos


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