Getting clarity and detail in low light

Capturing clear details in low light requires a little thought and experimentation. When you head out to shoot in fading light, try to go as the sun is setting to familiarise yourself with the location. You will also benefit from the interesting atmosphere and colours of twilight.

To capture clear details you will often need to use a high ISO setting, but when doing this, be aware of increased noise which can make the results look dusty or grainy. You can reduce this by lowering your ISO and using a longer shutter speed. Make sure your camera is as steady as possible by using a tripod, monopod or by resting it on something sturdy.

However, with Canon's DIGIC image processor you can afford to shoot at a higher ISO. The technology cleverly reduces noise and preserves fine details. This gives you more creative opportunities in low light than ever before.

Details in Low Light Photography