Getting Close To The Action

Composition is important in photography, and knowing what to include and what to exclude in a photo is key. When shooting action, one of the best ways to keep a high level of drama in your photos is to fill your frame with the subject. This makes you feel more connected to the action.

Try to physically get as close as possible. This makes it easier to fill the frame with action. If you are shooting in an arena it will also get you close to eyelevel with the players, giving you the nice blurry background you wouldn’t get if you were shooting from a higher vantage point.

Often there is a limit to how close you can physically get to the action. In this situation, use a longer lens or camera with a big zoom to reduce the distance to your subject.

When zooming, especially at high focal length, you are so close up that it is easy to lose your subject. Canon has come up with an ingenious new technology that solves that issue.

Zoom Framing Assist helps to keep the subject in frame by zooming out as they reach the edge of the frame. It then zooms back in when you place the subject at the centre of the shot.

This gives you the power of zoom without losing your perspective or your subject.

Action Photography - Zoom