Rugby World Cup 2019™ mascots Ren and G created with Canon's Creative Park.


Five fun ways to get into the spirit of the Rugby World Cup 2019™

The major sporting event of 2019 is nearly upon us, with the Rugby World Cup 2019™ kicking off in Japan on 20 September. Canon is sponsoring the tournament,* which seems to deliver more drama and excitement every time.
With all 48 games being held in a country famous for origami, the art of paper folding, Canon's Creative Park has some fun ideas for you to get into the spirit of the competition, whether you'll be watching it live in Japan or getting up early at home to see the games on TV. Simply download the templates, print them off and get folding before your team's national anthem is belted out on match day.
The detailed templates all have clear instructions on how to assemble them, so you'll just need the following (and a bit of care when using sharp objects):

•    A printer – find out which one is right for you
•    Paper
•    Scissors, utility knife
•    Glue stick and wood glue
•    Ruler or set square
•    Pencil
•    Object with pointed tip
•    Toothpick
•    Tweezers

1. Create your own mascots

Rugby World Cup 2019™ mascots Ren and G created with Canon's Creative Park.

It wouldn't be a sporting event without a mascot, and Japan is famous for its array of cuddly creatures. The Rugby World Cup 2019™ has Ren and G cheering along all the teams with their fans. It's easy to assemble both, so it's just a case of whether you go for rugged white-haired flanker Ren or flashy red-haired winger G.

2. Try a kick at goal

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The Rugby Goal Kick Game created with Canon's Creative Park.

Not only is this Rugby Goal Kick Game a little more challenging to make, it also tests your skills on the field and your nerves under pressure as you compete against your friends. The actual instructions for how to play the game are well explained, ready for when you want to step into Wales legend Dan Biggar's boots to take the game-winning goal kick.

3. Clap and cheer along

Rugby World Cup 2019™ Cheer Sticks and a hat created with Canon's Creative Park.

Given the heightened passions when cheering for your country, you'll be forgiven for shouting out and making as much noise as possible during the games. These easy-to-make Cheer Sticks and Megaphone with Ren and G diving for the corner are perfect to add to the atmosphere in front of your TV – though the players in Japan might be too far away to hear your encouragement.

4. Make a gift

A Rugby World Cup 2019™ Money Envelope and Tags created with Canon's Creative Park.

While you can make any of these paper goodies and encourage your friends and family to embrace the Rugby World Cup 2019™ spirit, there are some other gifts you can make too. How about this easy-to-assemble Money Envelope – perfect for giving money to someone saving for the next RWC – or these rugby ball-shaped Tags, ideal for that rugby-related gift for any sports fan in your family?

5. Fold yourself a money box

A Rugby Ball Money Box created with Canon's Creative Park.

If you couldn't afford a trip to Japan for this year's tournament, you'd better get saving for the 2023 competition in France. This cool Rugby Ball Money Box will certainly help you collect the pennies. The coins collect in the kicking tee at the bottom, so when the time comes, you can open the box in grand style by kicking the ball off.

Written by Adam Rees

*Canon is an official sponsor of the Rugby World Cup 2019™, taking place in Japan from 20 September to 2 November. The Rugby World Cup 2019 logo is ™ & © Rugby World Cup Limited 2015. All rights reserved.

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