Eyes of EOS - EF Lens work book III


Canon’s “EF Lens Work – The Eyes of EOS” book explores the world of lenses available for the Canon EOS camera system. The Canon EF Lens Work book provides detailed descriptions of each current EF lens and provides answers to everyday questions about the Canon EF lens system, for example, ever wondered which is the correct lens hood for your lens? Well, the Canon EF Lens Work book has the answers to this and many more lens compatibility questions.

The EF Lens Work book is ideal for either beginners or advanced users.   In-depth articles explain the complex terminology used in digital photography and illustrate the technologies and manufacturing techniques used by Canon to produce its superb optical EF lens range. These articles will impart to the reader a greater understanding of lenses and the complex terms and acronyms that often surround them. For the advanced photographer, the book contains MFT charts for each lens, providing detailed illustrations outlining the resolution performance of each lens and giving the most accurate information regarding the image quality of lenses.

The Canon EF Lens Work book provides an easy-to-follow, quick introduction to the differences between wide angle and telephoto lenses, as well as prime lenses and zooms. Discover how to choose the right focal lengths, use focus zones, and much more. The Eyes of EOS will help you decide whether a compact, slow zoom lens or a big, fast zoom will best meet your needs. The EF Lens Work book, as well as explaining technology, also takes time to provide an insight to the techniques required to photograph several of the most frequent photographic subjects.

Whether you are a newcomer to the EOS system, or an experienced user, The Eyes of EOS is an essential book for any EOS user, providing comprehensive information on the EOS lens range.

This book is a must read for any user considering purchasing a lens for his or her EOS camera.  


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