Canon AX (Angio eXpert) software module

AX (Angio eXpert) software module

The extensive AX software will allow practitioners to visualise the microvasculature in the retina and choroid in a very patient friendly and non-invasive way. Thanks to this new software, blood vessel examination – angiography – can now be done without the injection of a contrast medium or the need for pupils to be dilated. This makes examinations far less intrusive for patients.


  • Improved retinal tracking and re-scanning
  • Short Scan times
  • Scan Sizes
  • 3D OCT-A
  • Layers Selection
  • Measurement tool for OCT-A
  • OCTA-2 : Increased averaging
  • OCTA-2 : High Density scans
  • OCTA-2 Wide field OCT-A scans

Detailed Features

Take a more detailed look into the Canon AX (Angio eXpert) software module

Improved retinal tracking and re-scanning

Further improved real-time, SLO based retinal tracking with added rotational tracking will provide excellent images with hardly any motion artifacts.

Measurement tool for OCT-A

Manual measurement of area or distance.

Short Scan times

Standard OCT-A scans can be done in appr. 3 seconds.

OCTA-2 : Increased averaging

Up to 200 scans can be combined for high definition images.

Scan Sizes

Standard scan sizes from 3 x 3 to 8 x 8 mm.

OCTA-2 : High Density scans

The number of repeats for OCT-A can be increased from 3 to 10 times (with longer scan times ) for even higher OCTA image quolity.


More detailed positioning of artery/vein and capillary than just 2D.

OCTA-2 Wide field OCT-A scans

Scan sizes can be from 3 x 3 to 10 x 10 mm and even 12 X 4 mm!

Layers Selection

Freely selectable of layers to create preferred OCTA image.

More details

This new software module is a valuable addition to the existing Canon Ophthalmic Software Platform RX to help medical professionals more effectively diagnose retinal diseases by enabling them to visualise retinal blood vessels.
Current OCT-HS100 users can also benefit from OCT- Angiography, by upgrading the software with the new AX module.

New: OCTA-2
This  new optional software module will provide demanding users with the highest possible image quality . It includes features as higher averaging and larger scan windows for OCT-A.

Certified by Vienna Reading Center

The Canon OCT-HS100 can be used in trials evaluated by the VRC.

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