PosterArtist Updater

Have an older version of PosterArtist and would like to upgrade? Download our updater and experience enhanced productivity when creating posters.

  1. Check the version of PosterArtist you have by selecting Help from the menu and then About PosterArtist to see which version you have.
  2. Click on the appproriate PosterArtist Updater button to your right and download the software. 
  3. Save PosterArtist Updater.exe to your desktop.
  4. Once the download is complete, double click the PosterArtist Updater.exe icon on your desktop to open the setup program, and then install.
  5. In the Start menu open the All Programssub-menu and select PosterArtist Updater, and then click the paupdater.exe icon to open the Setup Launcher.
  6. Install and run the Updater