Canon extends reference display line-up with the 12G-SDI capable DP-V2421, DP-V1711 and firmware updates for improved 4K HDR workflow

United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, 28th March 2018 – Canon Europe today expands its industry-leading range of 4K reference monitors with the launch of two 12G-SDI capable models (DP-V2421 and DP-V1711) and an extensive firmware update to enhance HDR monitoring features, streamline workflows and improve collaboration with third party manufacturers. Additionally, a chargeable firmware upgrade will be provided to increase luminance of 17-inch displays DP-V1711 and DP-V1710.

Canon addresses the global demand for excellence and efficiency in 4K HDR production workflow

Canon DP-V2421

Canon DP-V1711

Support for 4K production requirements
The DP-V2421 is a 24-inch 4K HDR reference display which achieves 1,200 cd/m2 high luminance and the deep black suitable for versatile applications in 4K HDR production. The DP-V1711 is a 17-inch 4K professional display for studio monitoring or outside broadcast (OB) vans. Both the DP-V2421 and DP-V1711 have extensive HDR functions, which are perfectly suited for HDR production. Both monitors feature four 12G-SDI inputs, which can deliver 4K 50P transmission through a single cable. Condensing four SDI cables down to one reduces installation complexity and resource, as well as saving valuable studio space.

The DP-V2421 and DP-V1711 support Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) and Perceptual Quantization (PQ) which are HDR industry standards defined in ITU-R BT.2100 or SMPTE ST 2084. Both monitors also support Canon’s proprietary Log gamma - Canon Log, Log 2 and Log 3.

The DP-V2421 and DP-V1711 contain several useful features to check HDR images and to support effective HDR production, including a HDR capable waveform monitori, HDR capable false colour functionii and HDR Range Adjustment functioniii. The DP-V2421 and DP-V1711 also provide a split screen function, which allows HDR images to be compared with false colour, or peaking, side-by-side. A HDR and SDR comparison is also available. This full range of HDR production support functions positions the DP-V2421 and DP-V1711 as the ultimate monitors to support excellence in professional 4K HDR production.

Firmware update for DP-V2421, DP-V2420, DP-V2411, DP-V2410, DP-V1711 and DP-V1710
HDR production requires the capability to check the luminance level and set the exposure, so the content creators can select a certain level of luminance, to create an enhanced dramatic effect. With the addition of a HDR brightness monitoring function, the display can show the luminance value on a selected part of the screen. The operator can then confirm a detailed luminance value and change during HDR production. The monitor can also display the maximum and average luminance value of the entire screen, illustrating the transition change per frame. This firmware update also enables browser remote control, permitting the display monitors to be controlled from a PC, tablet or other device. Additionally, the firmware adds camera tie-up functions with Panasonic VariCam.

Canon will also offer a chargeable firmware upgrade to increase maximum brightness to 600 cd/miv for the 17-inch displays - DP-V1711 and DP-V1710. This upgrade enables the easier monitoring of high brightness areas of HDR signals, which is advantageous for critical picture monitoring in HDR Production.

DP-V2421 Key Features

  • HDR support
  • 12G-SDI and advanced interfaces
  • Extensive HDR functions
  • Accurate and repeatable colour reproduction supporting ITU-R BT.2020
  • Supports XYZ, RGB, YCbCr and ICtCp formats

DP-V1711 Key Features

  • 17-inch 4K UHD Professional Display supporting 19-inch rack mount
  • 12G-SDI and advanced interfaces
  • Extensive HDR functions
  • Accurate and repeatable colour reproduction supporting ITU-R BT.2020
  • Robust and compact for high mobility

Notes to editors:

Other firmware updates include (for the DP-V2421, DP-V2420, DP-V2411, DP-V2410, DP-V1711 and DP-V1710, unless specified):

  • Automatic switching of picture quality settings to available input signals
  • Multi display of 4K x4-inputs as 2K x4-pictures (only for the DP-V2421, DP-V2411, DP-V1710 and DP-V1711)
  • Reduced display of 8K input signal as 4K×1-picture
  • Camera tie-up with ARRI
  • Waveform monitor display scale, colored display function, and brightness adjustment function added
  • False color display scale range adjustment function added
  • Over-range display function added
  • Outside color gamut warning function added
  • Color range operation changed
  • Left/right picture quality comparison display function added
  • Color temperature settings added
  • HDR/SDR conversion LUT added to CDL User LUT
  • HLG system gamma adjustment values changed (1.000 to 1.500 in 0.005 increments)
  • HDR/SDR comparison display enabled when Peak Luminance Control is set to ON (only for the DP-V2421 and DP-V2420)
  • Color Range auto setting operation changed to “Full” when Gamma is set to Preset Log ½
  • Zoom function enabled during anamorphic display
  • Line display color and brightness settings added to various marker settings
  • (Aspect, Safe Zone, Area, Center, and Grid markers)
  • Waveform monitor display in both left and right pictures during DualView display
  • OSD display size setting added to Center Marker
  • Display position offset and brightness settings and display character type selection added to Time Code
  • OSD display size setting added to Audio Level Meter
  • OSD display sizes added (Center Marker, Time Code, Audio Level Meter)
  • PLUGE and Color Bar image for HDR signal added to Test Pattern Display
  • JPEG format added to image save formats in Capture mode
  • Backlight Flash Reduction added (only for the DP-V1711 and DP-V1710)
  • Web-based remote setting and WiFi setting added
  • Countdown display at start-up deleted

i The waveform monitor displays scales for luminance levels in PQ and HLG signals

ii This function shows a different colour, based on the input luminance signal, on the monitor to accurately highlight exposure

iii The inbuilt HDR Range Adjustment function enables the standard HDR signal, or LOG signal, to be displayed within the supported luminance. Values can also be pre-set to the required luminance

iv Luminance is typical value and not guaranteed