ProJet 5500X

ProJet 5500X

This large format, high throughput multijet printer is built for producing larger and more parts. It is multi-material capable, allows to create composite materials with advanced mechanical properties for rigorous functional testing. High-speed print modes deliver high-resolution parts in record time and the new best-in-class elastomeric materials.


  • Unmatched functionality
  • Composite multi-material 3D printer
  • Highest throughput
  • Exceptional accuracy

Detailed Features

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Dozens of material choices

This ingenuous printer and material system simultaneously prints and blends flexible and rigid photopolymers, layer-by-layer at the pixel level, to achieve superior mechanical properties.

Extensive build envelope

A 60% larger build volume than the closest competitor, you can print larger parts and more parts in a single build.

Exceptional High Throughput

The MJP ProJet 5500X is fast when printing composite materials, and even faster when printing single materials at a time.

Exceptional elastomeric performance

VisiJet composite materials are engineered for performance. The MJP ProJet 5500X can print elastomeric parts with amazing 650% elongation and complete elastic recovery.

Product specification

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