Cloud Ready PIXMA Printers

Enjoy the freedom of printing directly from the internet with cloud ready printers. Printers with enhanced PIXMA Cloud Link allow you to view and print online content direct from the printer screen or remotely from your mobile device using the Canon PRINT app.

PIXMA Cloud Link

Cloud Print & Scan using storage services

Print your documents from online storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and more. You can print JPG images, PDF files, Word, Excel and PowerPoint straight from the cloud. You can even scan and upload your files to cloud services, or even send as emails directly from the printer screen.

Cloud print from social networks

Print your favourite photos from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Select the image you want to print direct from your PIXMA printer’s screen or mobile app for superb results in seconds. You can even to choose to print it with its associated message.

Cloud print from online photo albums

Easily browse and print high quality images straight from your online photo storage albums on CANON iMAGE GATEWAY, Flickr and Photobucket.

Cloud print from PIXMA services

Print and create professional looking greeting cards, calendars and amazing 3D paper crafts using content from Canon’s Creative Park or exclusive CREATIVE PARK PREMIUM. Print useful templates from the PIXMA cloud.

Canon PRINT app

Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app

Download Canon’s free Canon PRINT app to easily print from your smartphone or tablet devices. Use the app with cloud ready printers to enjoy remote access to PIXMA Cloud Link services.

Usage example

Wi-Fi Print

Use your PIXMA wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet. Easily print from and scan to your mobile device.

Cloud Print

Use remotely the same PIXMA Cloud Link services as the ones available from your printer’s screen.

Cloud Scan

Scan your documents and photos and upload directly to cloud services or send as emails using the printer screen or mobile app.

Printer Settings

Check printer status, ink information and access the online printer manual from virtually anywhere.

The Canon PRINT app is available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play.

Google Cloud Print

PIXMA printers supporting Google Cloud Print allow you to print Google Docs, emails, photo and PDF attachments from smartphones, tablets and traditional desktops from virtually anywhere. The files are sent securely over the internet for printing wherever you are, whether in the same room as the printer or on a different continent.

Other cloud ready printers

Cloud ready printers with older versions of PIXMA Cloud Link let you browse and print your favourite photos from your online albums at CANON iMAGE GATEWAY direct from the printer screen. You can also print calendars, stationery and other templates whenever you need them directly from PIXMA Cloud.

Please check individual product specification to confirm availability of each feature and software compatibility.

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