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Lyndsey Goddard's kitbag ARTICLE

Lyndsey Goddard's wedding photography tips

Documentary wedding photographer Lyndsey Goddard reveals how she remains invisible to capture memorable moments.

04 Jan 2019
Buying my first L-series lens is one of the best investments I ever made ARTICLE

Photographing wrestlers with L-series lenses

James Musselwhite shares how Canon L-series lenses helped him deliver sharp, rich-coloured images for his Portrait of a Wrestler project.

03 Jan 2019
A young male lion lies in green grass with his head up and facing us. Another lion is just visible behind him, lying flat, and four giraffes roam behind them both. ARTICLE

Photographing big cats with the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II

Wildlife photographers and TV presenters Jonathan and Angela Scott share their kitbag favourites and discuss their TV show, Big Cat Tales.

19 Dec 2018
Men unload large sacks from the top of a bus. ARTICLE

Chris Steele-Perkins: the story that most moved me

Veteran Magnum photojournalist Chris Steele-Perkins talks about the story in his career that affected him most.

18 Dec 2018
A mother playfully dangles her laughing baby by the foot at home. ARTICLE

How to take candid family photos like Helen Bartlett

Canon Ambassador Helen Bartlett explains how she takes memorable black-and-white family photos in everyday places – and how the EOS R helps.

14 Nov 2018
Seeing is believing with the EOS R System ARTICLE

Seeing is believing with the EOS R System

Building on over three decades of EOS innovation, discover how Canon engineers have unlocked new levels of optical excellence with the EOS R System.

30 Oct 2018
A female model stands outside in the foreground, with two other female models standing on a hill in the background. STORIES

Javier Cortés: the lens I couldn’t work without

The Canon Ambassador talks about his long-lasting love affair with his Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM lens.

05 Dec 2018
The kit Alessandra Meniconzi couldn't shoot without ARTICLE

The kit Alessandra Meniconzi couldn't shoot without

Find out how the Canon Ambassador simplifies "the most difficult tool in photography" for great portrait lighting.

04 Dec 2018
A close-up of Sophia's head, in a suitcase and protected in bubble wrap, ready to be transported. STORIES

Portraiture or still-life – how do you photograph the world's most human robot?

On his recent assignment photographing the humanoid robot Sophia, Canon Ambassador Giulio Di Sturco faced a dilemma.

28 Nov 2018
Carla van de Puttelaar’s painterly portraits ARTICLE

Carla van de Puttelaar’s painterly portraits

The photographer shares her approach to taking naturally-lit portraits inspired by the Dutch Masters.

27 Nov 2018
Master in action: Sir Don McCullin in Kolkata ARTICLE

Master in action: Sir Don McCullin in Kolkata

This 19-minute film is an insightful and revealing portrait of a master of photography in action, in an environment that stretched him to his limit.

21 Nov 2018
A man in an orange boiler suit stands in a room with a wooden-panelled wall, two towels hanging from pegs. ARTICLE

Paolo Verzone on documenting people in the Arctic

Canon Ambassador Paolo Verzone explains how he battled epic shooting conditions to capture the essence of the Arctic.

20 Nov 2018
Martin Parr on his distinctive style and vision ARTICLE

Martin Parr on his distinctive style and vision

The Magnum photographer talks about the techniques he uses to express his personal view of the world.

14 Nov 2018