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In his opinion, &quot;the imagePRESS C6000 - is really a good step forward.&quot; As the machines become more versatile, Alain has also come to realise how important it is to have a good relationship with Canon as a business partner. As he says, with all the changes in technology, technical support is now as important as the machine itself. &quot;If we don&apos;t produce, we don&apos;t live.&quot;</resource><resource key="flv0"> Pigeut.flv</resource><resource key="videoProductLink0"></resource><resource key="videoTitle1">Alain Amieut, owner of a local communications agency</resource><resource key="videoSubtitle1">&quot;A good understanding of our expectations&quot;</resource><resource key="videoBody1">A Canon customer for over the years, Alain values Canon&apos;s product quality and his long-standing relationship with us. &quot;Canon has been state-of-the-art in terms of image for years.&quot; What&apos;s more, Canon has &quot;a good understanding of our expectations and the fulfilment of our needs.&quot; Alain believes that the key element differentiating him from his competitors is the quality he offers his customers, and the ability to serve them as quickly as possible. With Canon, he&apos;s confident that he can achieve both, while enjoying excellent value for money.</resource><resource key="flv1"> Amieut.flv</resource><resource key="videoProductLink1"></resource><resource key="videoTitle2">Andreas Kempers, Canon EBBP Consultant</resource><resource key="videoSubtitle2">&quot;No one else has such a tool&quot;</resource><resource key="videoBody2">At customer workshops in Germany, marketing expert Andreas shows customers how to gain more digital printing business for their Canon machines. Among other things, this includes producing more effective promotional material, customer profiling and cross-selling. Workshops usually include 12-15 people, are very dialogue-driven and are also a valuable networking experience for customers. As he says, &quot;No one else in the business has such a tool and such an offer - so this is very inspiring to work with Canon because they have a philosophy, not just the talk.&quot;</resource><resource key="flv2"> Kempers.flv</resource><resource key="videoProductLink2"></resource><resource key="videoTitle3">Carlo Morini, Slogan graphics and communications agency</resource><resource key="videoSubtitle3">&quot;A very honest approach&quot;</resource><resource key="videoBody3">Carlo&apos;s long-standing priority was to find a way to achieve reliable and consistent colour quality. For him, the imagePRESS C1 was the answer. After a year of working with the system, he says: &quot;Canon has had a very honest approach towards us. They presented the product in the right way, as far as we are concerned - and kept their promises.&quot;</resource><resource key="flv3"> Morini.flv</resource><resource key="videoProductLink3"></resource><resource key="videoTitle4">Mr K Chana, Chana Chemist</resource><resource key="videoSubtitle4">&quot;They&apos;ve always helped me grow my business&quot;</resource><resource key="videoBody4">Dealing with Canon since 1984, Canon has been helping Chana progressively grow the photographic and photocopying side of his business. Chana is now upgrading to the imagePRESS C7000: &quot;You don&apos;t need much manpower to get to the finished product, you cut down your labour costs.&quot; While he sees Canon&apos;s technology as being very important, for him, customer support is even more so. &quot;Over the twenty years I&apos;ve been dealing with Canon, I can&apos;t fault them at all.&quot; Now he&apos;s looking forward to having Canon help him with other marketing issues. &quot;They&apos;re a family company, the way I look at it. Their product can only be successful if, with their help, they build the customer.&quot;</resource><resource key="flv4"> Chemist.flv</resource><resource key="videoProductLink4"></resource><resource key="videoTitle5">Chris Hacket, Anglia Ruskin University</resource><resource key="videoSubtitle5">&quot;It&apos;s very important to work with a company who understands our business&quot;</resource><resource key="videoBody5">Managing the print facilities at this large university, Chris&apos;s print fleet includes walk-up copiers, two print rooms and many multi-functional devices. Most of his -customers&apos; are students on limited budgets, who need a quick, responsive service. &quot;Machines that are latest technology will allow us to be far more productive than we have been using old analogue systems.&quot; Chris has nothing but praise for Canon: &quot;It&apos;s very important to us to work with a company who understand our business - and we think Canon fits that bill completely.&quot; &quot;The important thing is to build a relationship and I think that&apos;s really, for us, where Canon scores over their competitors.&quot;</resource><resource key="flv5"> Hacket.flv</resource><resource key="videoProductLink5"></resource><resource key="videoTitle6">Didier Deloche, copy shop</resource><resource key="videoSubtitle6">&quot;We are working well together&quot;</resource><resource key="videoBody6">Having started with analogue equipment eleven years ago, Didier went digital with the iR6000, and for colour copying has recently moved to an imagePRESS C1. With the colour market seeing strong growth, Didier is keen for his partnership with Canon to go from strength to strength. &quot;Canon has always been ready to listen to my requests, both sales or technical-related. And we will therefore continue with this partnership and working well together.&quot;Having started with analogue equipment eleven years ago, Didier went digital with the iR6000, and for colour copying has recently moved to an imagePRESS C1. With the colour market seeing strong growth, Didier is keen for his partnership with Canon to go from strength to strength. &quot;Canon has always been ready to listen to my requests, both sales or technical-related. And we will therefore continue with this partnership and working well together.&quot;Having started with analogue equipment eleven years ago, Didier went digital with the iR6000, and for colour copying has recently moved to an imagePRESS C1. With the colour market seeing strong growth, Didier is keen for his partnership with Canon to go from strength to strength. &quot;Canon has always been ready to listen to my requests, both sales or technical-related. And we will therefore continue with this partnership and working well together.&quot;</resource><resource key="flv6"> Deloche.flv</resource><resource key="videoProductLink6"></resource><resource key="videoTitle7">E&amp;C Fischer, Pomme</resource><resource key="videoSubtitle7">&quot;A total respect for colour&quot;</resource><resource key="videoBody7">After presenting the same tests to different suppliers, E&amp;C Fischer made the decision to go with Canon&apos;s large-format and inkjet printers on the basis of the &quot;human aspect: the contact, the follow-up and the understanding of our needs.&quot; Also vitally important, considering E&amp;C Fischer&apos;s highly demanding customers, was colour fidelity, &quot;a total respect for colour.&quot; Any other factors? &quot;We are entirely satisfied with the after-sales technical service.&quot;</resource><resource key="flv7"> &amp; C Fischer.flv</resource><resource key="videoProductLink7"></resource><resource key="videoTitle8">Francis Reis, University of Plymouth</resource><resource key="videoSubtitle8">&quot;We talk to each other, we communicate and we problem solve.&quot;</resource><resource key="videoBody8">The University of Plymouth is consolidating to Canon-only products after deciding they want just one line of support. Why Canon? &quot;We talk to each other, we communicate and we problem solve. Because it doesn&apos;t come out of the box and work, it&apos;s not plug and play. When you&apos;ve got wide area networks and your fleet is 160 miles apart we have to solve problems together.&quot; While service is key, cost is also vital. &quot;The real money we have to spend is always going down so we have to try and do more for less - so we tend to look at Canon as more of a partner than a supplier.&quot; On advances in digital technology, &quot;You can see here today what Canon are offering and how close they&apos;re getting to the offset litho market.&quot;</resource><resource key="flv8"> Reis.flv</resource><resource key="videoProductLink8"></resource><resource key="videoTitle9">Frank Sharmar, MCU</resource><resource key="videoSubtitle9">&quot;It&apos;s a kind of friendship&quot;</resource><resource key="videoBody9">After ten years&apos; working with Canon equipment, Canon has come to know just how Frank&apos;s business works - and even knows their customers, says Frank, who adds: &quot;It&apos;s a kind of friendship.&quot; &quot;If I want a copying machine or printing machine there are a lot of them. But if you want to have a partner it is difficult to find one - but Canon is a partner.&quot; Keeping deadlines is vital for Frank&apos;s business: &quot;You have to be fast, you have to be just in time, printing on demand is one of the more important things.&quot; Having the latest technology is also important. Frank&apos;s Canon representative works with him to keep their equipment right up to date - a major plus of the business.</resource><resource key="flv9"> Sharma.flv</resource><resource key="videoProductLink9"></resource><resource key="videoTitle10">James Shand, Canon EBBP Consultant</resource><resource key="videoSubtitle10">&quot;I help the clients build their business&quot;</resource><resource key="videoBody10">After consulting for Canon for about two years, James has a lot of respect for the way it works. Originally wondering whether this would be &quot;just a marketing hype&quot;, he now admires the truly independent way the consulting is done. &quot;They&apos;re not requiring me to wear a Canon badge and requiring me to sell Canon products but I am talking to Canon customers, so clearly I respect their relationship and help the clients build their business.&quot; &quot;Compared to competitors&apos; vendor-orientated packages that probably exist around spreadsheets, you put numbers in, get numbers out&quot;, James explains that Canon offers, &quot;dare I say it, a real life experience, available to you direct from Canon.&quot;</resource><resource key="flv10"> Shand.flv</resource><resource key="videoProductLink10"></resource><resource key="videoTitle11">Jo Lloyd, Canon EBBP Consultant</resource><resource key="videoSubtitle11">&quot;We are here to help them maximise their business&quot;</resource><resource key="videoBody11">Jo explains the concept behind the Essential Business Builder Programme: &quot;It&apos;s designed to help customers achieve more from the machinery they buy from Canon. So any high volume customers - get the added advantage of having a series of consultants to help them run their business.&quot; &quot;Canon recognises that their customers can install the machinery but may not necessarily have the strategy and training to really make the most of them. So we are here to really try and help them maximise their business and make sure they make a good margin, a profit and help them along the way.&quot;</resource><resource key="flv11"> Lloyd.flv</resource><resource key="videoProductLink11"></resource><resource key="videoTitle12">Lier Kopi, Trykk</resource><resource key="videoSubtitle12">&quot;That is very high, the quality&quot;</resource><resource key="videoBody12">What brought Lier to the Canon stand? &quot;The technology, and what comes out on the paper, the quality. That is very high the quality.&quot;</resource><resource key="flv12"> Kopi.flv</resource><resource key="videoProductLink12"></resource><resource key="videoTitle13">MC Geels, Rabobank International</resource><resource key="videoSubtitle13">&quot;It&apos;s personal, it&apos;s for us a real partner&quot;</resource><resource key="videoBody13">Higher speeds, better quality and good personal service are the main reasons why Rabobank signed a new contract for the imagePRESS C6000. But they weren&apos;t the only factors: also important were versatility and compatibility. &quot;It is easy for my end users to work with the Canon equipment. You can offer your clients very good hardware but if they can&apos;t co-operate with it still you have a problem.&quot; What&apos;s the best thing about Canon? &quot;It&apos;s personal, it&apos;s for us a real partner, not only a supplier and that&apos;s what we prefer.&quot; What about service? &quot;The service department is very good, after a call they&apos;re very quick getting to our office.&quot;</resource><resource key="flv13"> Geels.flv</resource><resource key="videoProductLink13"></resource><resource key="videoTitle14">Michael Corompt, Recto Verso</resource><resource key="videoSubtitle14">&quot;Good value for money&quot;</resource><resource key="videoBody14">Michael signed his first deal with Canon at DRUPA. The reasons? Canon&apos;s reputation for quality and productivity, &quot;good value for money&quot; and &quot;attentive customer service&quot;.</resource><resource key="flv14"> Corompt.flv</resource><resource key="videoProductLink14"></resource><resource key="videoTitle15">Michael Johnston, President, BPIF</resource><resource key="videoSubtitle15">&quot;A cut above the competitors&quot;</resource><resource key="videoBody15">The BPIF is a non-profit organisation that offers business support to the printing industry. President Michael Johnson was particularly complimentary about Canon&apos;s Essential Business Building Program: &quot;It&apos;s something I believe is a cut above the competitors because it is something that allows [companies] to develop the skills, the needs, the training to compete in a very competitive market place.&quot; &quot;I would compliment them in terms of having a strategy, which combines not only selling but also giving something back in the development not only of the printers but also of the young people coming into the print industry - a big tick.&quot;</resource><resource key="flv15"> Jonston.flv</resource><resource key="videoProductLink15"></resource><resource key="videoTitle16">Peter Kunz, Speech Copy Print</resource><resource key="videoSubtitle16">&quot;Thanks to Canon we can keep up.&quot;</resource><resource key="videoBody16">A large Zurich copy-shop, Speech Copy Print, has eight operations doing everything from photocopying to building plans and scanning. The Canon products they use span the range from simple black-and-white copiers to colour copiers, including the imagePRESS C7000. A Canon customer for almost 30 years, Canon has become more and more important to them as a partner, especially with their recent training innovations. &quot;Canon is an important partner for us and our business - thanks to Canon we can keep up.&quot; What distinguishes Canon from other competitors? &quot;Even without contracts, if they promise something they keep their word - We can call at any time - there is always someone in the company to support us. That&apos;s important as we have to react very quickly - as our competitors are also pretty alert.&quot;</resource><resource key="flv16"> Kunz.flv</resource><resource key="videoProductLink16"></resource><resource key="videoTitle17">Sydney Bobb, Head of BAPC</resource><resource key="videoSubtitle17">&quot;A boon for customers&quot;</resource><resource key="videoBody17">On the Essential Business Builder Programme: &quot;It&apos;s proved to be a boon for customers - and for Canon because it&apos;s given them a better understanding of the issues facing those at the coal face.&quot; On Canon&apos;s relationship with customers: &quot;The vast majority - are small companies - they&apos;re on their own. They need to feel like they can trust and work with those who supply them with good services and products. Canon has got a name that one can trust. Simple as that.&quot;</resource><resource key="flv17"> Bobb.flv</resource><resource key="videoProductLink17"></resource><resource key="videoSummary">video summary</resource><resource key="videoLarge">larger video</resource><resource key="overlayTitle0">Path to Profit</resource><resource key="overlayBody0"><font color="#111111">Whether you&apos;re moving into digital for the first time or want to develop new revenues from existing customers, see how we can help:</font><br />The new possibilities from photo print to cross media campaigns create exciting new opportunities for you and your customers. Become more productive and more profitable by offering shorter runs, personalisation, web to print and more.<br /><a href="event:imagePress" target="_blank"><font color="#c50000">Discover today&apos;s advanced Canon technology &gt;</font></a><br /><br />Let us help build your business. Tell us about your challenges and we&apos;ll help your business get the most from digital print.<br /><a href="event:EBBPOverlay" target="_blank"><font color="#c50000">Explore our Essential Business Builder Program &gt;</font></a><br /><br /><font color="#111111">More essential professional print knowledge.</font><br />For exclusive insights into the future of professional print, download Frank Romano&apos;s report :<br /><a href="" target="_blank"><font color="#c50000">Digital Print Directions &gt;</font></a><br /><br />Decode print shop jargon with our :<br /><a href="" target="_blank"><font color="#c50000">Buzzword Buster &gt;</font></a></resource><resource key="overlayTitle1">Essential Business Builder Program</resource><resource key="overlayBody1"><font color="#111111">Drive your business forward with up-to-date, incisive information, developed with some of the most successful experts in the print industry.</font><br /><br /><li>The Toolkit gives you insights into new revenue streams and attracting new clients.</li><li>The Workshops provide practical face-to-face learning from the people who really know.</li><li>Our Consultancy Program offers you a unique perspective on your business and how to redefine it.</li><br /><br />Combine your expertise with the knowledge and skills you&apos;ll gain from the Essential Business Builder Program, and discover new possibilities for the future of your business.<br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank"><font color="#c50000">Find out more &gt;</font></a><br /><a href="event:EBBPConsultant"><font color="#c50000">Or hear from our EBBP consultants &gt;</font></a></resource><resource key="overlayIPressTitle0">imagePRESS 1135</resource><resource key="overlayIPressSubTitle0">The new imagePRESS 1135</resource><resource key="overlayIPressBody0">Enjoy the ultimate in monochrome digital production<li>Excellent 1,200 dpi print resolution</li><li>Output of up to135ppm across all media types and weights from 52g/m2 to 300 g/m2</li><li>Huge choice of exceptional in-line finishing possibilities</li></resource><resource key="overlayIPressButton0Copy">Explore</resource><resource key="overlayIPressButton0Link"></resource><resource key="overlayIPressTitle1">imagePRESS C6000</resource><resource key="overlayIPressSubTitle1">The new imagePRESS C6000</resource><resource key="overlayIPressBody1">Affordable imagePRESS quality, speed and versatility<li>Exceptional image quality and colour management capabilities.</li><li>New Canon technologies ensure razor sharp registration and reproduction.</li><li>60ipm output from up to 8 different sources.</li><li>Over 2 hours of uninterrupted production.</li></resource><resource key="overlayIPressButton1Copy">Explore</resource><resource key="overlayIPressButton1Link"></resource><resource key="overlayIPressTitle2">imagePRESS C6000VP</resource><resource key="overlayIPressSubTitle2">The imagePRESS C6000VP</resource><resource key="overlayIPressBody2">Our ultra-advanced digital colour engine<li>60ipm output from up to 8 different sources.</li><li>Over 2 hours of uninterrupted production.</li><li>Excellent reliability, quality and versatility.</li><li>Razor sharp registration and reproduction.</li></resource><resource key="overlayIPressButton2Copy">Explore</resource><resource key="overlayIPressButton2Link"></resource><resource key="overlayIPressTitle3">imagePRESS C1+</resource><resource key="overlayIPressSubTitle3">The imagePRESS C1+</resource><resource key="overlayIPressBody3">Unique print enhancements for the Light Production market<li>The first 5-colour printer in the light production market to include clear toner.</li><li>Metallic-like finish and photo-like images.</li><li>Enables spot, flood and clear watermarks for document security.</li><li>Optional in-line booklet making, stapling and punching.</li></resource><resource key="overlayIPressButton3Copy">Explore</resource><resource key="overlayIPressButton3Link"></resource></data>}, binaryContent=null, externalContent=null)