Canon UK crafts blankets and muffs for dementia patients at East Surrey Hospital


As part of the #Selfieless Campaign, our team of Canon Crafters, worked through their lunchbreaks each day for 1 week to produce sensory blankets and muffs for Dementia patients undergoing treatment at East Surrey Hospital. 

It was great to see so many people having a go at making things, and some lovely craft elements were produced by the local Brownie groups which were used in the blankets. 

We produced 16 blankets and 8 knitted muffs in total which were gratefully received by Paul Skelly (Fundraising Manager and SaSH) and Chris O’Connor (Nurse Consultant for Dementia and Older People at SaSH). 

Chris O’Connor had these kind words of thanks for all involved: “We are really grateful for the time Canon staff spent making the twiddle muffs and blankets for our patients living with dementia at East Surrey Hospital. These blankets and twiddle muffs provide comfort and a diversion for the person. Recently a patient who had removed a cannula for iv fluids on a number of occasions stopped fiddling with the tube when she was given the muff, it gave her something to do with hands and staff noted that she appeared calmer. The beauty of the home made twiddle muffs and blankets are that each one is unique and individual unlike the ones that are manufactured.”