Easy Service Plan for imagePROGRAF large format printers

When you buy an Easy Service Plan, you are assured premium support and protection for your Canon. We offer a choice of unrivalled services in a range of preconfigured Easy Service Plan packs, from installation to repair and maintenance your product.

Register & Support

Easy Service Plan service options available:

3 and 5 Year On-Site Next Day Service

In the event of a fault or simply for support, customers can call the Canon support desk. If the issue can’t be resolved over the phone, or remotely, a qualified service engineer will be dispatched on-site by the next business day. Users also get access to a helpdesk.

To view the full Scope of Service, please click here:

imagePROGRAF- 3yr On-site       imagePROGRAF - 3yr On-site_MFP       imagePROGRAF-5yr On-site       imagePROGRAF - 5yr On-site MFP

imagePROGRAF printers covered:

PRO-1000 PRO-2000 PRO-2100
PRO-4000 PRO-4100 PRO-4000S
PRO-4100s PRO-6000 PRO-6100
PRO-6000S PRO-6100S TX-2000
TX-2100 TX-3000 TX-3100
TX-4000 TX-4100 TX-3000MFP T36
TX-3100MFP Z36 TX-4000MFP T36 TX-4100MFP Z36
TM-200 TM-200MFP L24ei TM-205
TM-300 TM-300MFP L36ei TM-300MFP T36
TM-300MFP Z36 TM-305 TM-305 MFP T36
TM-305MFP Z36 TA-20 TA-30

Why should I purchase an Easy Service Plan?

● Value for money – Canon will take care of everything that you need to make the most of your product.
● Flexible contracts – covering a range of time periods so you know the overall cost of the product and service and can budget easily over the lifetime of your investment.

● Help when you need it – with access to a call centre and helpdesk for support, advice and remote problem solving
● Maximum return on investment – as your hardware is well maintained and supported
● Comprehensive product cover – including all services parts and labour (subject to fair use)