Cleaning the Paper Feed Rollers

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Release date: 11 June 2008


the feed roller cleaning function allows you to ckean the paper feed roller. perform feed roller cleantng when there are paper particles sticking to the paper feed roller and paper is not fed properly.
The procedure for cleaning the feed rollers is as follows:

Roller cleaning

1.Prepare the printer
Remove all sheets of paper from the rear tray.

2.Open the printer driver setup window

3.Click Roller Cleaning on the Maintenance tab
The confirmation message appears.

4.Execute paper feed roller cleaning
Make sure that the printer is on and click OK.
Paper feed roller cleaning starts.

5.Complete paper feed roller cleaning
After the rollers have stopped, follow the instruction in the message, load three sheets of plain paper into the rear tray, and click OK.
Paper will be ejected and feed roller cleaning will be completed.

Applicable Models

  • PIXMA iP1900

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