Adapting to changing demands


The Business and Innovation Scan is a new business analytics tool that Canon has developed to help Print Service Providers (PSPs) review and adapt their business strategies to the rapidly evolving Graphic Arts market.

The Graphic Arts market is evolving rapidly and customer requirements are changing with it. As a result, PSPs are constantly trying to adapt to demands for shorter run lengths, faster turnaround times, the need for more targeted information and more. The key to continued success lies in PSPs being able to adapt their business strategy to meet these demands.

It is for this reason that Canon has developed the scan; to help time-poor commercial printers do something that they may not otherwise have the resources to do – develop a strategic plan that will enable them to respond to trends and developments in the industry.

Beginning with a four to five hour workshop that analyses a PSP’s business situation in the publishing, technical documentation, business communication and photo merchandising segments, the outcome of the scan is a report that proposes an appropriate strategic direction and action plan for each segment.

Almost 100 trial scans have already been conducted with customers across Europe, all of whom have provided positive feedback on the service, and the scan is now available to customers throughout Europe.

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