Choosing our favourite action photos

We asked professional photographer, Miles Willis, to choose 3 great action shots from the Canon Gallery. So, what did he like about them?

Speed, Jürgen Kircher

Great panning shot by Jürgen keeping the subject sharp whilst blurring the background. The mud shooting out from the back also adds to the sense of movement. A smooth panning technique is a must to create in-focus subjects.

Morning Splitboard, Alan Meikle

This image by Alan Meikle is all about the grit and determination of the uphill skier. There is no fast movement or split second timing but there is plenty of action. The low sun on the horizon shining across the snow surrounds the silhouetted skier with dramatic light. Action images don’t have to involve fast moving subjects, look for images that show human endeavour.

Before the catch, Rob Kempers

This stunning wildlife capture by Rob Kempers combines great technique with a magnificent event. Shooting on a long focal length lens has compressed the background, which drops out of focus to create a clean distraction free image. The cool tones of the water are perfectly contrasted by the warm golden hour light on the eagles head.

See these and other great examples of action photography in our Gallery. If you have an image you would like to share please upload it to the appropriate category.

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