Remote shooting for wildlife and sport

Remote shooting refers to photography where you are able to fire your camera shutter without standing directly behind it.

At its simplest you can use a shutter cable release, at its most complex laser traps or movement sensors can be setup to fire the camera automatically.

Whichever method you use the purpose of shooting remotely is to allow you to be elsewhere at the point of capture. This may help in getting close to wildlife without disturbing their behavioural patterns or taking a unique angle at a sports event whist leaving you free to shoot more conventional images.

Hirondelles, Genevieve Puar

Images such as this one by Genevieve Puar could make use of remote shooting due to the inaccessible shooting position. The camera may have been setup prior to the birds hatching and then checked on a daily basis until the action occurred.

Steeple Chase, Eddie Whitham

This image by Eddie Whitham was almost certainly captured using a camera on a remote trigger, like the RC-6 Remote Controller, due to the rather unsafe position for photographer, horses and jockey alike. Using a small tripod allows the camera’s composition to be pre-set before retreating to a safe distance with remote trigger in hand to wait for that key moment.

If your camera has built in WI-FI (currently EOS 750D, EOS 760D, EOS 70D, EOS 80D, EOS 6D) you can make use of the free Canon Connect wireless app for your smart phone or tablet. The app allows you to connect directly to your camera not only to view and download your images but to take control of your camera also. You can control ISO, aperture, shutter speed and a whole range of settings before firing the camera directly from the app.

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