Autumn Leaves Boy

Harnessing autumn light


The shift towards the colours of autumn means that now is a great time to take a walk with your LEGRIA. The lower elevation of the sun in the time means light is often warm and soft - great for shooting videos throughout the day. The coming of colder nights also mean there's a greater chance of fog forming in the morning - so get out and capture movies of misty city or countryside before any sun burns it off.


Shooting a movie in the early autumn is an opportunity to show the contrast between vibrant colourful scenes and more muted low contrast ones. Local parks and the countryside are the best places for vibrant colours. If you’re featuring friends, family or other people, make sure that the stars of your film are clothed in suitable vibrant colours too.

The colours of the landscape with leaves aglow in autumnal shades are a great way to set the scene for your video. Make sure that you shoot some clips where the leaves are falling from the trees, or why not scoop up a handful of leaves and throw them in the air? Just a few leaves dropping in front of your subject make an attractive shot. Many LEGRIA models feature a Slow Motion mode which can capture great shots like this. Also – try to capture the sound of footsteps scrunching on the dried leaves. It really is the sound of autumn time.

Finally, the most important step is to edit the movie and share it - before the autumn turns to winter.

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